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In the US, those who choose cremation may ask that their ashes be spread in some location that is sacred to them, or may have their ashes buried. In some family traditions, the cremated remains of the deceased may be kept by surviving family members.

Cremation is a process in which intense heat is used to transform the body back to its basic elements.The body, enclosed in a container approved for cremation, is placed in a cremation chamber. The soft tissue is vaporized. What remains is not ashes, but bone fragments weighing from three to nine pounds on average. This is what is contained in the cremation urn.

Crematories provide the actual cremation with reverence and dignity. Crematories are regulated and inspected by state and federal agencies.

Cremation is available for those who want to have a physical reminder of their loved one. If requested, a viewing service may be held before the cremation for those not in the family. Choose from any of our packages, such as:

Direct Cremation

Visitation with Cremation

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